VANLINNEN was born as a digital brand specializing in 100% linen textile. In our collection, you will find linen curtains, homeware products, and apparel. Although it is a product of high quality, you can enjoy our service at an affordable price, with shipping available worldwide. 

We have been known to organize pop-up sale exhibitions throughout The Netherlands, where we create inspiring installations in collaboration with tableware brands to host our guests in the most unique spaces. Our guests get a change to meet each other over a cup of coffee or a glass of champagne whilst selecting the right linen colors for their cosy home. We are most well-known in Wassenaar, Vinkeveen, Bergen and Amsterdam.

As a corporation, we support sustainable living and reasonable consumption, which is why we mostly produce on-demand. Our customers love our unique ability to make unusual sizes that cannot be found in a regular shop. 

Contact us for more information, or schedule a service appointment in Amsterdam or nearby cities to measure windows and get advice on colors and styles.