Let's meet who's behind the scenes of VANLINNEN! Our names are Kate and Anna, two best friends with a big passion for natural fabrics and sustainable living. We are both in our 30’s, living in the wonderful city of Amsterdam! Creating the VANLINNEN, sustainable textile concept stemmed from our own home decor needs. In decorating our homes, we strongly preferred to be surrounded by natural fabrics, rather than synthetic alternatives. However, we could not find this in the local market in Amsterdam. Our goal with VANLINNEN’s organic textile is to create a positive effect on human health and the environment, hence, we chose 100% linen - also known as the fibres of flax plants.

The use of flax plants utilise less water and pesticides to grow than our cotton competitors and it is fully biodegradable when it is not mixed with other materials. Therefore, linen is one of the most durable ancient textiles, as you would not need to buy new products every season. Thanks to various woven techniques we can offer many shades and densities of natural linen, from oatmeal colour to rough grey. The coloured linen has been dyed with soft pigments, which is hypoallergenic and suitable for toddlers. As active users of linen ourselves, we make sure that every single textile in our collection is certified.

All our products are handcrafted in a small atelier in Europe and most are made on-demand, tailored to your needs. We support reasonable consumption and want to produce more of what you like, instead of overstocking. We transport goods as rarely as possible and only with land transport to minimise CO2.