General info :
VANLINNEN is specialised in sustainable textile. We offer everything for home : from tablecloths to curtains and bedding, clothes for men, women and kids, and everything is made from pure 100% linen . Although it is a product of high quality, you can enjoy our service at an affordable price, with the shipping option worldwide.
When it come to the the Netherlands, we have been known for organising pop-up sale exhibitions in collaboration with antique tableware brand and hosting our guests in the most unique locations. We are well-known in Wassenaar, Vinkeveen, Bergen and Amsterdam.
We support slow fashion and reasonable consumption, that is why we mostly produce on demand. Our customers love that fact, that we make unusual sizes, that they couldn't find in the regular shop. We are always at your service in Amsterdam or nearby cities, to measure windows, advice on the colour and style.

Let's meet who's behind the scenes of VANLINNEN!
We are best friends Kate and Anna. Two girls with a big passion for natural fabrics and slow living.

Whilst living in Amsterdam we discovered that the choice of linen in the market is very limited. When the COVID crisis started, we had a lot of spare time on our hands which we wanted to invest in something interesting and useful.
Therefore we decided to create the VANLINNEN online store! VANLINNEN is an online shop where you can buy custom made linen items to make your home a better place. Everything is made on-demand and tailored, because we support sustainable consumption. All our products can be adjusted to your own wishes. We also organise pop up exhibitions a few times a year at the unique locations, where we create inspiring installations. Our guests get a chance to meet each other, over a cup of coffee or glass of champagne and select the right linen colours for their cozy house.